Basically the use of engine oil is to oil engine parts so that it can work smoothly. It also reducing fuel emissions and improving engine‚Äôs performance. Engine’s long life depends on which engine oil you choose for your vehicle. We found many questions on our customer care related to engine oil. This article contains the basic information about engine oil and its key roles for superior engine life.

When in motion the parts of your engine are rubbed together. It produces abrasive heat and wear. Engine oil reduces the friction between parts of your engine that produces less wear and heat. Engine oil Reduces friction that results in less fuel consumption and increase engine performance. In addition it avoids impurities such as corrosive, dust or debris. That can accumulate over time to reduce the performance of your engine.


Different types of additives are used in engine oil such as Antioxidants, Detergents, Viscosity Modifiers, Friction Modifiers, Anti-foaming Agents, Anti-wear Additives, Anti-corrosion Additives so on. Your engine oil is generally composed of 70% base oil and 30% additives. Here is a list of key additives used in engine oil for healthy engine life.

The additives provide essential properties are :

Antioxidant Additives :

Antioxidant additives helps to resist the high temperature of engine oil. And also reduce the heat generated by friction between the engine moving parts. In other words antioxidant additive slow down the process of oxidation that increase engine oil’s lifespan.

Detergent Additives :

The main property of detergent additives is to remove the deposits and micro-particles that form on surfaces when the engine is in motion.

Anti-Foaming Additives :

Anti-foaming generates foam on oil surface that prevents engine oil from drying out.

Anti-Wear Additives :

Anti-Wear additives is also called friction modifier additives. It add a layer of solid oil that lubricates the engine as soon as the vehicle starts up, thus avoiding friction between parts.

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hope you got the basic information about engine oil work and its key roles to keep engine performance smooth as your dream.