How To Replace Dirt Bike Fork seals – 7 Steps Guide
How To Replace Dirt Bike Fork seals – 7 Steps Guide
Dirt Bike Fork seals - As well as fork oil you also need to replace fork seals too. By the time fork leg’s seals might be dirty or can start to leaking. If you are going to replace the fork leg seal by yourself and confuse how to change your dirt bike fork seal? Here we give you 7 easy steps guide that will help you out. If you are prepared properly you can do it easily in half an hour the one thing you should do is follow our guides properly. Whether you’re out with friends or at the track on race day, leaky seals will ruin any day of riding, particularly if that blown seal is on the brake aspect. Once your forks seals area unit simply leaky or won’t hold hardly any oil in the slightest degree, your forks won’t dampen or rebound the means they’re meant to. The oil helps produce bottoming resistance, permitting the fork to remain up within the stroke wherever it’s meant to perform. Leaky fork seals could appear like minor issues; however, it will cause more injury of your fork internals, and even handling and braking safety. During this guide, we have a tendency to bear every step you would like to understand to switch oil and dirt seals on your bike. Remember, an improper operational suspension could be a safety concern.

Step By Step Guide To Replace Bike Fork Seal

Generally, changing fork seals is a process that worn-out in a well-equipped garage with necessary tools. It’s necessary to notice that different suspension manufacturers have different strategies of fork consolidate and disassemble, therefore invariably make sure to reference your user manual for specific to your application. This guide will show you general steps for changing motorbike leaking fork seals. The first-ever step you have to do is collect all the necessary tools like fork seal kit, suitable size wrench, Seal and O-ring grease, hex driver, Fork fluid recommended by your owner’s manual and so on. Get Free Distributorship

Prepare bike to remove fork leg

  • Using wrench fully loosen the fork leg. Once you have done, then pull the top of fork leg towards axle lug and loosen the brake caliper bolts.
  • Using jack raise the front wheel as you need.
  • Use an open-ended wrench to rebound bolt from the damping rod along with the internal adjusting rod.
    Disassemble the front fork brake calipers and each part. Remove the fork from the vise, taking care not to spill the oil, and then put the fork back in the vise to properly clamp the upper fork tube with the top of the fork downward. It is important to clamp the roundest non-tapered pipe. This is where the triple clamp on the bottom holds the fork.     Use a flat-blade screwdriver to separate the dust seal from the upper tube. Then, also use a flat head to remove the internal seal clip from the groove inside the upper fork. Remove all the parts oil seal, seal clip and dust seal. Ensure to note down their place or put them in the order they come out. Clean all rust and repair defects that cause the old oil seal leakage. Dunk a cloth with oil and work on the seal rested area.     Rub oil on the inner part of the new seal and fix the seal over the stanchion. Slide the new seal down into place. place the seal with a seal driver. This will tap the seal into place gently but securely. Position the clip and dust seal back onto the fork. Fix the damping rod back inside. Pour new oil into the fork if necessary. Tighten the spring and bolts on the fork cap. You have done!! Do the same with other fork leg and at the last reassemble the bike front-end. If it is necessary to change fork oil follow the step on how to change the fork oil.     Hope You get the proper information about how to change the bike fork oil. For further detail read the user manual or take an advice conversation with a trusted fork oil distributor near you.  

how to replace fork seals on dirt bike

You won't need to remove your fork this far for a simple seal change, but it's useful to be able to see what's within your forks and where the oil is seeping from.  

how to replace dirt bike fork seals

Fork seals should be replaced every 40 hours of riding, or every two years if you don't ride much. Even if you clean the seals on a regular basis, they will ultimately wear down and leak regardless of what you do to maintain a tight seal.  

how to change fork seals

Leaks can be caused by a variety of issues. Debris between the fork tube and the seal, a nick in the fork tube, overcompressing the forks (such as strong wheelie landings or strapping the front down too tightly while transporting), or they just wear out.