Which Engine Oil Best For Bike’s Long Life

When it comes to servicing the vehicle, it is a bit confusing to choose which oil for the long life of the engine. choosing the right oil saves your vehicle’s engine for longer and prevents it from corrosm. If the oil is used regardless of the quality of the engine, the engine eventually loses its power. Engine oil is the blood of your bike. There are some things to consider for choosing an engine oil, such as your driving style and condition, operating temperature, purpose of bike, oil viscosity to speed up the engine, the type of vehicle, etc.

Before picking your vehicle’ engine oil, it is quite important to have basic information about suitable engine oils for bike. Here in this article we give you some information about oil in easy word.

There are three types of engine oils available in market such as Mineral oil, fully synthetic oil and semi-synthetic oil.

1. Mineral oil :

              While comparing, Mineral oil is cheaper than other engine oils. It does not include any type of additives to increase engine performance. However, mineral oil is suitable for low capacity vehicles but does not last long kilometres so that you need to change the oil short period of time. Additionally, mineral oil is not suitable for frequent changing temperatures and driving styles.

2. Semi-Synthetic Oils :

                  Semi-synthetic oil as the name implies is a combination of mineral oil and synthetic oil. This oil has the advantage of both high level protection from mineral oil and high level performance from synthetic oil. If you are riding a bike with capacity up to 250cc which produces healthy horsepower but still does not get too stressed then semi-synthetic oil is the right choice for you. Mineral oil is more than enough to run engine efficiently if you are riding a small moped below 150cc.

3. Fully Synthetic Oil :

                Synthetic oil is the most engineered lubricant to provide high engine efficiency. It is refined oil you could find is created using man-made and precisely controlled materials and quite opposite of mineral oil. The best example of when to use synthetic oil is for high performance motorcycles that are constantly put under a lot of stress. Such as a super bike and race bike which are constantly under high pressure whose engine needs help of high efficiency synthetic oil. The main benefit of synthetic oil is that it won’t degrade as fast as mineral oil and semi-synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is manufactured in order to have a very long life cycle. It gives the high lubricating performance to your dream bike engine and won’t break down under high pressure.

The other key points to be considered while choosing oil for your bike engine are as below

  • Engine oil viscosity suitable for your engine suggested by engineers
  • Engine oil grade to provide sufficient lubrication while engine starts.
  • Added engine oil additives according to your engine need such as anti-wear, corrosion prevention so on.

Are you planning to service your bike? Then it is suggestible to have Lubricant expert advice. Feel free to contact expert advice for bike engine. Your special manufactured engine needs advice of bike engine oil manufacturer.