Due to the corona epidemic on the globe, most of the infected countries have implemented the order of self-isolation which has resulted in the closure of all businesses in those countries. Leaving the car parked for the long time can have unintended consequences against the quality and reliability of the vehicle. This article contains few car maintenance tips during lockdown which help you out while leaving your car idle these days.

No Hand Break For Long Time Parking :

use wheel chocks instead of handbreak for long time parking

It is not desirable to use handbrake while car is not in use for long time. using handbrake for prolonged car parking will cause will cause the brake pads to get stuck to the disc brakes or drum brake, leading to increased friction and wear and tear from the rear wheels and brakes the next time you get the car moving. We recommend to relieve the parking brake and use wheel chocks or bricks to keep the car in place. that is enough to maintain brake performance. Also this will take time to get back to being full effectivity.

Car Battery Tips While Parking For Long Time :

car bettry tips- discharge bettry while leaving car for long time

If you do not want to use the car for a long time, it is advisable to remove the battery terminal cables to prevent rapid discharge of the battery. During this corona lockdown start your car engine once in every 3 days to stop the battery from draining and continue running for at least 2 or 3 minutes to allow the engine oil to lubricate all moving parts of the engine. It is also advisable to use engine oil suitable to the car engine if your are not sure take lubricants expert advice.

Car Tires Safety Tips For Long Time :

car tyre safety tips-avoid flate spot on tyre

One of the major concerns for the tire is the flat-spotting on it that flattens the rubber part of the tire cause of steady parking position of car for long time. Though this is not instant process, a month of being stationary might be enough to cause problems. Low tire pressure and very cold weather can both contribute to the development of flat spots. We recommend to ensure from time to time that the tyres aren’t losing air and make sure inflate them to the correct pressure if they are deflating overtime. As the solution we recommend at the very minimum, drive the car backwards and forwards every time you start the car to shift the weight distribution on the tyres.  

Clean the interior Before Leaving Car :

When not using the car for several days, make sure to clean the interior to avoid bad odor or gas spreading and useful for next time. his also includes wet carpets and foot mats, which can really make the cabin musty.

Other Key points to care while leaving during lockdown are as below :

  • If possible park your car inside or use a cover to protect its exterior. Leaving a car parked outdoors for a prolonged time causes excessive wear of paint, rubber, and plastic parts.
  • do not leave your fuel tank empty. The moisture build-up can cause rusting of the tank and make sure your fuel filler cap and lid are properly closed.
  • Once the car is moving slowly, turn the steering wheel from side to side gently to ensure that it gets all the natural movement that it needs.

The simple solution of all the troubles facing your car is just drive it. Cars are designed to be driven, so it’s easier to keep them healthy by putting them to regular use. Though corona lockdown does not allow anyone to do that so drive here and there once in every 3 week at least for 20 minutes. That’s enough time to warm up your tires and protect from flat spots, return some charge to your battery, wear surface rust off your brake disks, and keep the fluids in your car moving and everything properly lubricated. For more car maintenance tips visit here. Get daily car maintenance tips on your device at your time.