Gars Lubricants Engine Oil For 125cc Bikes Review

Gars Lubricants Engine Oil For 125cc Bikes Review
Bike oil - Automotive component maker Gars Lubricants is one of the few that works silently with its partners to provide worthy solutions to automotive manufacturers. It had launched its own line of engine oils and the company got in touch with us to test it out. So rather than conducting the test on a new vehicle, the real test for it would be on a fairly used two-wheeler. Hence, we got our Magic 10W-30 oil for scooters and are going to be using it in all 100 to 125CC scooters. Now, the oil we’re using is fully mineral – rather than synthetic or semi-synthetic. However, most engines require 1 liter of engine oil. [Bike oil] Hopefully, the new oil will reduce these unpleasant feelings in the time to come. Gars Lubricants claims the oil aids in keeping maintenance costs low, protecting the engine from excessive wear, and providing smooth driveability.  [Bike oil] Gars, a renowned oil company with a rich motorsport history and presence in India, has launched its Magic 20W 40 Ultimate fully synthetic oil for two-wheelers. 

This oil brings high-performance synthetic technology to a wider audience, promising significant improvements in several key areas:

Better acceleration:[Bike oil]

Gars claims the Magic 20W 40 reduces friction, allowing for quicker engine response and improved acceleration.

Lesser engine wear:

The synthetic formula is said to provide superior lubrication and protection against wear and tear, extending engine life.

Smoother clutch engagement:

The oil is said to optimize clutch performance for smoother gear changes and a more comfortable riding experience.

Keeping a cool mill:

The oil's enhanced heat dissipation helps maintain optimal engine temperature, preventing overheating and preserving performance.

Enhanced longevity without performance loss: 

Gars guarantees that the Magic 20W 40 maintains its performance over its lifespan, unlike conventional oils that degrade over time. Overall, the Gars Magic 20W 40 Ultimate promises a significant upgrade for two-wheeler riders, offering improved performance, protection, and longevity. If you're looking for a high-quality synthetic oil for your motorcycle or scooter, this new offering from Gars is definitely worth considering. Conventional oils lose their magic over time, their protective prowess fading like a forgotten memory. Gars Magic 20W 40 Ultimate defies this fate. Its specially formulated polymers ensure lasting stability, maintaining its viscosity and protective properties throughout its service life. This translates to consistent performance, no matter how many miles you clock, so you can ride with confidence knowing your engine is always in its prime. Pushing your two-wheeler to the limit generates heat, and excessive heat is the death knell for optimal performance. Gars Magic 20W 40 Ultimate tackles this challenge head-on with its superior heat dissipation properties. It acts like a coolant, effectively transferring heat away from critical engine components, keeping your engine operating at a sweet spot for peak performance and reduced stress. Gear changes shouldn't be a clunky affair. Gars Magic 20W 40 Ultimate understands this perfectly. Its specially formulated friction modifiers optimize clutch performance, ensuring smooth and seamless gear transitions. No more clunks, no more missed shifts, just pure riding bliss as you navigate through the asphalt symphony.

The Gars Magic 20W 40 Ultimate experience is more than just a product, it's a promise:

  • Unleash the hidden power of your engine with effortless acceleration.
  • Ride into the future with an engine protected from wear and tear.
  • Experience the silky smoothness of seamless gear changes.
  • Conquer the heat and maintain peak performance all day long.
  • Enjoy lasting performance that doesn't fade with time.
So, if you're looking for an oil that elevates your riding experience and takes care of your two-wheeler like a trusted friend, then Gars Magic 20W 40 Ultimate is the potion you've been searching for. Prepare to unlock the ultimate riding experience.