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Base Oil | Manufacturer | Supplier | Exporter – It is worth noting, however, that different base oils have different properties making them suitable for the lubrication and maintenance of different machinery components.



Base oil from A to Z:


The base oil is the main ingredient in lubricants. Base oil, also known as the main ingredient of lubricants, is used in all vehicles and has many applications.


Greases, engine oils, and metal processing fluids are some of the major products made from base oil. These are just a few examples. This product is important because it is obtained from refining crude oil. It mainly contains paraffinic and other aromatic compounds.


The base oil can be used for many purposes, with lubrication being its most important. This means that the product can be made from either petroleum or non-petroleum oil sources. The characteristics of the product depend on the crude oil used and the refinement process used to make it.


It is important to note that base oils are now produced with high quality, appropriate viscosity and extended shelf-life due to technological advances in the industry.


Base Oil | Manufacturer | Supplier | Exporter


Different base oils:


The base oil can be produced in one of the following types:


  • Mineral base oil


This oil can be directly extracted from crude oil refining, without any intermediary.


  • Natural base oils


This oil is made up of a mixture of triglycerides, which increases the flash point and fire points of the product in comparison to mineral oils. This oil has a high pour point, which can be corrected with the appropriate additives.


  • Synthetic base oil


Synthetic or artificial oil is made by combining one or more low molecular weight organic substances.


The base oil’s characteristics and benefits:


  • Stability and heat resistance improvements
  • Viscosity improvement
  • Promoted features at lower temperatures
  • High lubrication capacity
  • Eliminating sediments and sludge
  • Extremely high resistance to various conditions
  • Excellent efficiency


Base Oil | Manufacturer | Supplier | Exporter


The production of base oil:


In recent years, several procedures were used to improve the performance and quality of base oil.


  • Mixing with bleaching Earth
  • Use acid to wash your clothes
  • Wash with anhydride sulfur



The following are important points about the base oil


Each type of base oil is different, making it possible to lubricate different components of machinery. These oils have many advantages, including lubrication and protection of machinery components, metal cutting, turning, heat transfer, etc.


There are many types of crude oil that can be used to produce different types of base oils. Although the paraffinic crude oil tends to be the most popular, the naphthenic crude oils is also a common option. This yields a base oil with exceptional properties and performance at lower temperatures.


Every lubricant contains at least one base oil component. This acts as the base oil before any additives or thickeners can be added to improve the quality. It is important to check the quality of the base oil before you choose a lubricant.


All base oils are different because of the differences in their formulations and current standards. The properties and benefits of each base oil have been extended to include all classifications.


Pardis engine oil is recommended if you’re looking for a high-quality base oil. Pardis Co., a manufacturer of different oils, supplies all its products to retail centers with sufficient assurance.


It is important to remember that you must replace lubricants with different base oils with care and follow all guidelines. Otherwise, the system could encounter problems due to incompatibility between the oil and engine.


Base Oil | Manufacturer | Supplier | Exporter