Choosing the right engine oil for your vehicle is a difficult essential task. Proper engine oil is the secret to the long life of your vehicle. Many experts consider engine oil to be the life-saving equivalent of a vehicle. Right oil choice can be a daunting task when there are many types of engine oils available to you. At present, various types of engine oils are sold in the market with their variations or innovations. Many make mistakes while choosing trust on engine oil myths found on many websites. Here are some engine oil facts that will help you make the right choice.

Engine Oil Overview

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Engine oil is a type of lubricant that is used to reduce friction between the moving parts of the engine. As well as additives like anti-ware increase engine’s efficiency. Engine oil Reduces friction that results in less fuel consumption and increase engine performance. Engine oil lubricants engine parts that makes engine to work efficiently. Read more about engine oil and its role.

What is the Role Of Additives In Engine Oil?

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In engine oil added additives ensure the lubricant work performance. There are three types of engine oil mineral oil, semi synthetic oil and synthetic or fully synthetic oil. Generally all the engine oil composed of 70% base oil and 30% additives. There are lot of additives but mostly used additives are anti-wear, anti-corrosion and Antioxidant so on. These additives keep engine oil clean and ensure engine’s lifespan quality. Learn more which additives are used mostly and what they work.

What is Importance Of Viscosity For Better Engine Oil?

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Viscosity is an unjustified number which shows how much temperature can engine oil handle. In short engine oil work efficiency mainly rely on viscosity. 

There are usually two numbers on each bottle of engine oil available in the market such as 5W – 30, 5W – 40 or 10W – 30. Both of these numbers indicate viscosity at different temperatures of the oil. That is the reason why multi-grade engine oil was developed with the objective of providing engine protection at various temperatures. While choosing the engine oil viscosity is the first consideration. Learn more how the viscosity plays an important role for engine oil.

Major Signs Why do you need to change engine oil?

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Most of the latest cars models require low-viscosity, resource-saving motor oils to minimise friction and fuel consumption. Your engine needs oil to run smoothly, and to avoid complicated and potentially expensive problems in the future, such as engine maintenance or even complete engine replacement. However, choosing the right oil is not always easy. By regularly changing the oil, you can keep the engine in good condition and provide the best protection for all parts of the engine, which will help ensure a longer engine life. Learn more about major warning signs that your car need oil change.

Which is the best engine oil for long vehicle life?

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Here we created a guide to help you make the right choice about engine oil. Combined with proper maintenance, the best oil will take you where you need it, while ensuring that your engine is running at its best performance. Perfect engine oil has benefits like less fuel consumption and less CO2 emission, better performance in extreme temperature and so on. 

Read our latest engine oil buying guides and make a decision for long engine life. 

Where to buy car engine oil ?

Buying car engine oil online can be a difficult expedition. Especially for those who are buying them for the first time and are not sure about the quality of the product. So, you are at right place, We use the advantage of buying all types of engine oil. Checkout the main aspects before buying engine oil.

Hope you get proper and satisfying information on facts about engine oil. For more engine oil related question or query contact your nearly trusted engine oil manufacturer.