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Gars is a dynamic, focused, and quickly advancing professionally-managed company with the core competencies of specialty chemicals and specialty coating additives. rubber additives, polymer additives, and paint additives specialty textile chemicals, process chemicals and specialty paper chemicals, and more. Gars is a responsible business and committed to the health of suppliers, customers employees, society, and stakeholders.

Our extensive industry knowledge has allowed us to understand the needs of our clients and subsequently formulate chemicals that help us demonstrate our worth to the world market.

We are always driven by our desire to exceed the expectations of our clients about maintaining the same quality of our chemicals. Utilizing sophisticated manufacturing facilities, as well as advanced research and development, we supply chemicals that have the hallmark of excellence, as confirmed by our quality assurance division.


Antioxidants are substances that prolong the lifespan of lubricants and this is accomplished by increasing the resistance to oxidation to the oil base. They are commonly used in engine oil, metalworking fluids, turbine oil, etc.

Antiwear and Extreme Pressure Additional Ingredients:

Antiwear and Extreme Pressure additives function by forming a barrier by a chemical reaction that is triggered on the surface of the metal. Antiwear additives are utilized in moderate conditions with low loads and at high speeds to reduce the amount of wear. Their use is in grease, engine oil and metalworking equipment, gear oil, and many more.

Metal deactivators:

Metal deactivators are additives to fuel that prevent oxidation caused by the metals such as copper, cadmium cobalt, zinc iron, silver and so on. which are inside the fuel. If the metals that are dissolved in the fuel are not taken care of, they will cause gum formation. Sedimentation, darkening etc. are caused by the process of oxidation. It is used in the areas of compressor oils, engine oil grease, gear oil and hydraulic oil, among others.

Friction Reducers:

They are often used in conjunction with engine oil to enhance the properties of antifriction. Their uses include grease engine oil, synthetic oil, synthetic oil, etc.

Rust inhibitors:

Rust inhibitors can be put to make use of in areas where high water resistance and dust suppression are essential. The most common use for them is in lubricants operating with moisture, for instance, papers machines, drill oil turbines, hydraulic as well as circulating oil.


These additives are multi-functional and are suitable for greases and industrial gear oils.


These additives stop free chain reactions of radicals and also prevent the degradation of oxidation without impacting other characteristics for the product.


These additives serve to ensure the fluidity of lubricants even at lower temperatures, and aid in expanding their operating temperature range by interfering with the higher crystallization of hydrocarbons. They are suggested for use in a vast range of lubricants, including gear, hydraulic and engine oils.


They are polymeric molecules that react to temperature. At lower temperatures, the chain of molecules contracts and doesn’t affect fluid’s viscosity. When temperatures rise the chain relaxes, and a rise in viscosity is observed.


The additives in extreme temperature and pressure react with the metal surface and create an anti-corrosive coating that can stand up to extreme heat and pressure that results from continuous contact with metal surfaces. Antiwear agents function similarly however they operate with smaller pressures and loads.


These additives can be used with a broad range of base oils utilized for the machining process. Based on the quality you want specification for the cutting fluid as well as its emulsion, we can design a custom of the right emulsifier system can be designed to improve the stability of the emulsion.


They are specially designed oil-soluble emulsifiers to create oil soluble for use in the textile machine, fibre as well as machine industry. It can be used with all paraffinic base oils with a viscosity between SN 70 – SN 150.


They are custom-designed “Emulsifier” packages that are made with biodegradable and eco-friendly surface-active agents to be used for “Mineral Oil Base Spray Oils for Agricultural Use”.

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