Coolant Oil Manufacturer in India
Coolant Oil Manufacturer in India
Coolant Oil Manufacturer in India - COOLANT OIL 1:1 - Product Information - Exclusively designed for automobiles, heavy trucks, and buses.  


  • Engine coolants are made up of three chemical components: ethylene glycol (antifreeze), inhibitory coolant additives, and pure water.
  • Ready-to-use red coolant for individual and commercial vehicle radiators.
  • Mono Ethylene glycol and mineral additives are used to prevent corrosion and cavitation.


  • To protect your car's engine and cooling system from corrosion and heart damage all year.
  • Radiators should be protected from overheating and rust.
  • It guards against freeze-ups and boil-overs.
  • Protect all metals against rust and corrosion.
  A lubricant coolant is an oil-like fluid that is used to carry heat from the engine to the radiator, which subsequently transfers it to the air. Coolants function as a secondary heat sink for the engine, preventing it from overheating. [Coolant Oil Manufacturer in India] Gars Lubricants Oil, as a world-class lubricant coolant supplier, offers Divyol Coolmax, which helps to preserve all metal parts in a diesel, gasoline, or compressed natural gas engine from corrosion. It also guards against engine wear and tear.  

Lubricant Coolants Characteristics

Safeguards the Radiator

It protects the radiator from corrosion and wear, allowing it to last for a long time.  

Rubber is compatible with

It is suitable for use with rubber and other sealing materials. [Coolant Oil Manufacturer in India]  

Anti-freeze properties that are effective

It possesses effective anti-freezing qualities, as well as heat transmission properties that allow the engine to operate at extremely cold temperatures.  

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

The Divyol Coolmax line from Gars Lubricants Oil has strong anti-corrosive qualities that prevent aluminium from crevice corrosion and cast iron from cavitation corrosion. [Coolant Oil Manufacturer in India]  

Lubricant Coolant Properties

Gars Lubricants Oil, as experienced lubricant coolant distributors, offers a variety of coolant and lubricant solutions with the following special specifications:   

Lubricant Coolant Applications [Coolant Oil Manufacturer in India]

They can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Our Divyol Coolmax coolant and lubricant range is useful for cooling car engines.
  • It is suitable for use in engines with closed loop circulation systems, such as those found in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, tractors, and so on.
  • Its superior anti-freeze and heat transmission qualities make it ideal for engines with cast iron and aluminium components.

Why is Gars Lubricants Oil a well-known lubricant coolant manufacturer?

Gars Lubricants Oil is one of India's most experienced lubricant coolant manufacturers, having been in the industry for almost two decades. Our diverse and creative product line keeps us one step ahead of our competitors. Over 4K Indian customers and 200 more overseas customers have placed their trust in us. All of these aspects have contributed to our position as one of the world's leading lubricant coolant manufacturers.  

Why is engine lubricant coolant important?

Automobile specialists always advise owners to put lubricant coolant in their engines because it keeps the engine cool and assures peak performance. Coolants also preserve the metals in a cooling system from corrosion and help to avoid chipping and wear.  

What coolant should I use in my engine?

The type of engine and the typical operating temperatures are two important considerations when selecting coolant and lubricant.  


Coolant, often known as anti-freeze, is a bright yellow or green fluid solution that is mixed with the water provided to diesel and petrol engines to keep them running at the proper temperature and prevent freezing or overheating.  


The most commonly used coolant is the normal coolant (Ethylene Glycol base). Red coolant is frequently created with Organic Acid Technology and is designed to be more suitable for aluminium radiators.  

What is the composition of coolant oil?

They can be formed of petroleum, plant oils, water, compressed air, or compressed CO2. An emulsion of water and mineral oil is the most commonly used coolant.